Teen Modesty Applauded!

Sometimes adults make me crazy when it comes to appropriate dress for children and teens.  I mean, it’s bad enough I have to see adult women scantily clad on every magazine, billboard and television screen.  It’s like an assault on the eyes – and I’m not even a guy and we all know it’s a whole different kind of an assault on males.

But, it is a whole different kind of stupid when adults actually encourage and promote immodest dress amongst children and teens.  I’m sure you all remember the controversy surrounding the dance competition where eight very young girls were dressed in fish net stockings, skimpy outfits and dancing to less than “little girl” lyrics doing extremely inappropriate and suggestive dance moves.  It was awful.  If you missed – good.  Suffice it to say it brought to the forefront an all too frequent loss of common sense when it comes to what adults think is OK to place on the bodies of girls.

Imagine my extreme glee this morning when I came across a story (thanks Jenn) about a group of cheerleaders in Connecticut that went to their school board to protest the cheerleader uniforms they were expected to wear because it made them feel “embarrassed and hurt their self-esteem.”  I encourage you go check out the post on PrepRally!

I sit here in amazement that the only person who stood up for the modesty of those teen girls…is the girls themselves!  When a teen has to get permission to be modest…something is WAY messed up here folks!

If you would like to learn how you can get involved with promoting modesty and how to instill modesty in your own daughter I invite you check out the websites Power of Modesty and Secret Keeper Girl.  And help get the word out about these two great websites – there are plenty of girls who need to know there are adults out there who will stand alongside them in their desire to remain modest.

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