Title change – yuck!

(I had to change the title to this post!  I was getting some unwanted comments – I should have known better – yuck!)

Well, if you have spent any time on Facebook today you may have blushed when you saw your friends posting status’ that declared:

  • “I like it on the floor!”
  • “I like it on the kitchen counter!”
  • “I like it beside the front door!”

If you immediately signed off of Facebook thinking…”TMI ladies, TMI!!”

Rest assured, it’s not what you think it is! It is the answer to the question, “Where do you like to put your purse when you get home at the end of the day?” I like it _____________! But, it is rather obvious the question was intended to make our thoughts go elsewhere. And frankly, it made me a bit uncomfortable.

So now you are wondering…but why?! It was an attempt to bring awareness to National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Remember last year when ladies on facebook were asked to put a “color” on our status…and nothing else? And the color was supposed to be the answer to…What color bra are you wearing right now?

The idea, both years, was to leave the men on Facebook scratching their heads wondering just what was up with all their women friends!

I received my “secret notice” of this covert operation very early this morning – from an old High School friend. But I have to admit, try as I might….I could not bring myself to participate.

I guess that makes me a prude, but it just seemed like it would open up too many thoughts that I didn’t want circulating. Kinda creepy to me! There are some places I do not want my male Facebook friends going with their thoughts…and that’s definitely one of them.

I’m OK addressing it here, as I know most everyone who reads my blog is a mom.

So, if anyone “out there” is listening…I applaud the effort, but let’s clean the covert operation up a bit next year! At least that’s my vote! What do you think? Did you participate?

And hey…go get a mammogram – at least that part proved effective!


  1. Melissa Hutsell says

    I totally agree. I did not participate. I know if it made MY mind wander it would definitely make men’s minds wander. I didn’t particpate in the bra one last year either. I really don’t want other men to know what color my bra is because the mind automatically goes to the mental image of breasts IN the bra. I haven’t commented on it on FB because I have friends participating and I didn’t want to come across as judgemental. I hoped my LACK of participating was a voice. Thanks for sharing! M.

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