Yeah…it happens.

Ever had one of those days where you just felt like you were slugging through mud? Mud on your feet, mud in your mouth, mud in your brain. Muddled, dragged down, blah and weary as you trudged through your day…not truly capable of mustering up the effort to try and do it all.

Schmlekcel.  Dwirp. Flaada. Bluhrp.

Yeah…I’d say that about says it all.

Why should such a day happen? What happened to the “real me” the bubbly, happy, non-stop chattering, fun-loving, hope filled, positive little me that usually skips through life?

That’s the question I have been sitting here asking myself as I stare at the white box on my “Add New Post” page.

What do you write about when you have a day when you haven’t been yourself and are feeling empty and void of verbiage? Well, glancing above, it seems you write about mud and then throw in a few afore unheard of words – which perpetuates the whole mud in the brain syndrome all over again.

Maybe today I am to write about the fact that some days a mom can be prone to becoming “MudMom” and as long as she doesn’t keep her legs, mouth and brain submerged too long…that’s OK.  As long as she recognizes that the MudMom she is manifesting is not who she really is and she needs to find a way to snap the heck out of it!

Therefore, I must now sign off…and watch America’s Funniest Home Videos with my teen son – if that doesn’t snap me out of it and get me mudfree…I better take an ice cold shower to get rid of the mud!

Strange…I know…but it is, what it is, and I just told you what it is and hopefully you’ll come back tomorrow when it no longer is!

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