A Son’s Perspective on My MomLife Ministry

Every night at dinner my husband asks the question, “Tell me one thing about your day” and the conversation starts flowing.

Each of my other family members had shared their one thing…and it was my turn.

So, as I was going into an enthusiastically exciting sharing time about two meetings I had about MomLife Today and some exciting opportunities that are developing for 2011 my son raised his hand and started squirming in his seat. His eyebrows were raised and he looked like he was going to explode if he didn’t get to share something with me.

Well, of course I’m guessing he is ready to share some sort of insight … or encourage me in some way, so I tried to finish my last thought quickly (and it wasn’t too quickly because I talk way too much and way too fast when I am excited…and I was very excited) – anyway, I drew to a close and eagerly asked Westley what it was he wanted to say!

So, as I sat expectantly waiting for something brilliant to be uttered, I heard the following words flow from my 14 year old sons mouth, “Hey did you know that a 50 cal does not kick very hard because it weighs so much?”


Then extreme laughter.

Yeah…life with teens can be random and unpredictable – that’s what keeps a mom on her toes and humble!

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