Board Dinner (no pressure there!)

So, when asked to host the Board of Directors of FamilyLife for dinner at my home I readily accepted, thinking…that’ll be fun! 

Really? Fun? What was I thinking?

OK, it did end up being fun, because they are an amazing group of men, but I am here to confess I jumped into my crazy cycle for a little while.

It went something like this, oh no…

  • my home is too small
  • what will I prepare?
  • how much will they eat?
  • my home is too dirty!
  • what will I wear?
  • I don’t have fall decorations on my porch!
  • should the night be formal or casual?
  • can I get it all done?

Then it went something like this…”get over it, they are not coming to critique – they are coming to enjoy fellowship and food!” I liked that “something” to think on better!

As it turns out after all that fretting I went with what I knew my hubby liked, good simple “fun” food accompanied by an amazing dessert!  My menu consisted of a taco salad bar with all the fresh fixins, accompanied by some amazing hot bubbly cheesy cornbread and  “to die for” pumpkin with cream cheese frosting cupcakes – that served as the centerpiece on my table!  My teens and I cleaned the house a little “extra good” and I was able to squeeze 10 people around my table!

The really amazing thing is that the day before Barbara (Rainey) called and said, “Hey can I bring some mums and pumpkins over to your house!”  And she arrived with just the right fall decorations to adorn my porch!  Though she and I giggled that the guys would probably never notice!

The entire evening was a blessing and the conversation among these Godly men around the dinner table blessed me far more than my efforts blessed them!  (Although there was a lot of serious grubbin’ going on!)

I am here to tell you ladies, sometimes God just wants a willing heart, hardworking hands and the RIGHT attitude and God honoring fellowship occurs!

So, don’t put it off any longer, because of your “crazy cycle, oh no list” – invite someone over for dinner!

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