Random MOMents

My daughter and son going out to dinner before Youth Group – just so they could spend some time together!

The blessing of good health – I can take walks daily in His Creation!

Sweet memories made during an amazing camping trip with six Godly families.

Panic…no chocolate – then remembering, chocolate morsels meant for baking…satisfaction found.

Finding a photo taken of me and my amazing Grandmother and setting it right next to my computer!

Vanity sizing – Hanes underwear purchase – size 6, yeah right…but thanks Hanes.

The way my son jerks his head right to flip his hair – too cute.

My daughter telling me she is going to miss me terribly when she goes off to college.

Loud music and dancing with my teens.

Pushing through a day of feeling like I was a major failure – and finding the truth of who I am in Christ on the other side.

My daughter creating a new header for this blog site…to be revealed within the next week!

Two horses that “talk” to me when I go out back and visit with them.

Reading just the right scripture…at just the right time – soft Holy Spirit whispers.

Hearing joy in the voice of a dear friend who had a break through.

Writing for an audience of One…and whoever happens along is a sweet bonus!

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