Substitute Teaching High School Students – part 2

Yesterday I was sharing with you my perspective as a substitute teacher…my thoughts and insights continue here today…

Students spend lots of money in vending machines…even if they have a lunch.

There are still students who are overlooked and ignored…there are still students that reach out to them.

Students think substitute teachers sitting at a desk don’t have ears to hear…and they are doing things that would shock their parents.

Siblings may fight at home, but they have each other’s back at school.

Teen boys want to eat all day long…at school too.

Kids who are “rough around the edges” light up when you interact with them and show them respect.

“It’s a two hour trip and _____________ is going to be in the car the whole time, she is so hot.  I am so lucky dude!”

Some girls wear way too much make up and it is hiding their beauty.

Teens like their music and discuss it frequently.

When someone sneezes, “God bless you” echoes through the classroom.

There are lots of Jonas Brother’s types, but they are not dreamy to the average High School girl.

Shaving when you have acne is hard and I heard a conversation about how to deal with that issue.

If a girl insists on respect…she will get it.  If she allows coarseness, she’s stuck with it.

Teens share advice they have gotten from their parents with other teens.

Free time outside after lunch…I watched the football sail up onto the roof of the school…boys will be boys.

Girls are just as cute with “fixed” hair as they are with “random/messy” pony tails.

“High School will not even matter in our future, even though we think it’s such a big deal now” she said to her nodding friend.

Teens still like to write on the board. (Marker board is preferred over chalk board.)

Bullying exists…but is born out of awkwardness and pain and can be redirected with a bit of love.

 “I am sorry for disrespecting you and cheating while you were subbing”…are very manly, and admirable, words coming out of the mouth of a 17 year old boy.

There are AMAZING teachers investing time and energy into students…the go remarkably and sadly unappreciated.

Parents if you want to know who REALLY knows what your child is like when you are not looking, ask a teacher … but be willing to hear the truth and then decide where to go from there.  It could lead to a celebratory dinner, or it could lead to spending time with your child to develop lacking character qualities.

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