Substitute Teaching High School Students

Some people think I am crazy, but I really enjoy substitute teaching Middle School and High School students!  Especially since it gives me an up close look into the lives of my teens, their peers and their world.

You think things were tough when we were teens…ramp it up X 1,000 – at least!  But it is interesting that in some ways the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Below are some insights into my days while teaching teens.

Students are happy to “tutor” their fellow students and both learn in the process.

A loud whistle can silence a room instantly…and then they want to learn how to whistle like that.

Some teens still read books when faced with free time.

Boys still play triangle paper football and get really excited about victory.

Things are no longer “cool” they are “bet” – yeah…random.

 “I’d rather hand it in unfinished than keep working on it because it’s too hard.”

Girls are most beautiful when they dress modestly.

There are unseen teens out there who need to be seen.

“When I was little…I always wanted to be a ballerina” accompanied by a dreamy far away look.

Every teenager has a cell phone and ipod…and desire to use it constantly. (For the record…how can so many parents afford to give their kids iphones and do you really want the internet at their fingertips?)

People learn to use charm, to get away with mediocrity, at an early age.

They STILL forget to put their names on their papers.

Some teens do cheat. 

Some teens ask all adults…”Do you have any food?”

“Yeah, right…they are mean to me until they want help with their math then they want to be my friend.”

The popular “in” kids are still self focused, obnoxious and will have the hardest time adjusting to college.

“Hey, Mrs. Eyster…I can do it…I can whistle now – thanks!”

Watching a teen boy make a paper flower for a girl…is quite endearing.

They throw away the fruit.“No one ever talks to me, I’m just a tenth a grader.”

{stay tuned for part II tomorrow}

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