Tips for Holiday Travel & The Letter

Today seems to be a busy day for little ol me! I have posts featured over on Family Matters Blog and MomLife Today!

One of the greatest books I have ever read on parenting was written by Tim Kimmel and it’s titled Raising Kids for True Greatness – he is the man behind the ministry of Family Matters and I am honored and excited to be a Guest Post contributor to their Family Matters Blog – here’s an excerpt from my post that’s on their site today.

Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go! But my, oh my…what shall we do during all that travel? If you are like me you don’t want your children glued to a “screen” during the entire journey or they’ll never know the river or woods even existed!   Allow me to make a few suggestions of how to pass the time while enjoying each other’s company and the world around you. 

The post for MomLife Today came to me as I lamented over a situation where children are left unattended by a mom who is so into her own life, she is neglecting them…here’s an excerpt:

Saturday they went to the park. They took a hike. Mom, I have never taken a hike, could we do that sometime?  When it started to rain, they ran in the rain, got all wet, on purpose and laughed and laughed. I asked, but he said they didn’t catch cold at all. Oh yeah, in case you were worried, he said their clothes dried…no problem.

So I hope you’ll visit Family Matters Blog and MomLife Today – and hey…spend some time snooping around both sites, your children will be glad you did!

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