Being Sick Stinks, But Has It’s Perks

So – the elephant sitting on my head last week also took up residence on my chest and as it turned out I ended up with a sinus infection as well as bronchitis…and a touch of strep throat!


Here’s the happy part of the story…hubby and I were scheduled to go out of town for the FamilyLife Speaker Retreat and when I asked the doc if I should still go his reply was music to my ears, “Where would you get the most rest?”


Let’s see, home… where there are clothes to wash, meals to make, rooms to clean, teens to hang with, cars to drive, errands to run and toilet paper rolls to change (among other mundane things that for some odd reason only a mom can do)…am I right?

Or, the FamilyLife speaker retreat… where others cook, clean and serve, I sit in meetings and share thoughts and ideas with other AMAZING adults.

“Well, Dr. Tucker – I think I would get more rest at the speaker retreat!”

“Then go to the retreat, but anytime you feel too tired to participate in anything you must go back to your hotel room, or the hotel pool and rest!”

I officially love Dr. Tucker.

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