Hug Me

I am most pleased that illness eluded our family over the CHRISTmas break! Woo Hoo!

Much healthy fun occurred including sleep overs, dance parties, movie nights, dinner w/friends here, dinner w/friends at their home, bon fires, singing, game playing, hiking, comedy night, baking, cooking, crafting…we did a bit of everything.

This week, school started up for my teens, I went in to substitute teach and BAM I came down with a bear of a cold. I do believe there is an elephant sitting on my head.


Hubby was out of town yesterday, the kids were home after school for a bit, but then went to church and I was pitiful pretty much all day and it has carried over through today.

Last night as my daughter was getting ready for bed I went into the bathroom and stood there looking at her and she asked, “Mom…are you alright?” And I said, “Will you please just hug me?”

She did…for a long time.

It made me feel better.

Who do you need to hug today…I guarantee there is someone in your life who needs to feel better.

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