Meaningless Mattress Post

It seems like such a small thing, but actually, it is pretty big – I am referring to your mattress.

Now before you go crying foul because you think this is one of those blog sites that gets money for promoting things, allow me to assure it is not.

I receive 0 dollars for this website – thus the non-banners on the side.

And, I am not even going to plug the brand name of the mattress we purchased. I am just here to tell you that if you have not considered the number of sleep years on the very large  soft squishy thing you slumber upon each night…maybe you should?

Hubby and I noticed we were getting a rather fitful nights sleep and we were chalking it up to the aging process and maybe the busyness of life. Then, one day it sort of slammed into my mind that we were planning to replace our mattress before our last move. Uh…which it somehow turns out was five years ago – how did time fly by so fast?

If your hubby is like mine any time something needs to be bought there is the whole research process. Makes me crazy, let’s just buy one already. But after several weeks of laying, looking, reading, laying, researching – and did I mention laying… on mattresses… in stores… with salesmen staring at me (which is REALLY weird) and telling me to relax so I can see what the mattress really feels like. Right!

Anyway, this post is droning on and on – the point is, we got a mattress, we are sleeping so snuggly and awesomely wonderful that I just felt compelled to ask you…do you maybe need a new mattress?


But there you have it.

That’s all.

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