No Time = No Posts

Hey there, ho there!

How you be?

I be swamped!  Major deadlines at MomLife Today that have kept me running around on my computer and to meetings whenever I have had some time to myself.  Which has been seldom and at strangely odd times.  Why you ask?

Could it be because there have been three…count them three snow days and my teens have been home and I have had a constant houseful of extra teens so the last thing I have time to do is sit and write.

Tonight a carload full went to a dance and are coming here after for spaghetti dinner. Said spaghetti dinner that yours truly is cooking, right now…while also trying to squeeze in a post. Cause I like to write.

So…as much as I want to write – I just cannot. No spare time.

As a matter of fact, for various reasons that shall go unspoken due to the magnitude of them – I may be silent for the next few days.

But rest assured I will be back.

Until then I strongly suggest you bop on over to MomLife Today because there is going to be a VERY exciting give away going on over there beginning Monday, February 14th. You just got some scoop that is heretofore unknown. (Woah, that’s Paralegal talk – I used to do that, back when I had lots of brains before they got all sucked out of my noggin by my children.)

Gotta run, I smell meat sauce sticking to my pan as I sit here typing away.

My MOMents come first – so gotta run!


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    Love this, Tracey, I can so relate. I’m also glad to have a professional diagnosis for my problem- the inability to call things by their correct name or finish sentences= mommy brain. 🙂 Wouldn’t trade it for the world, though.

    I love the idea of having kids’ friends over for spaghetti and other activities. It’s a great way to support friendships while keeping an eye on things, too.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!


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