Point of Grace = Fun

Serving at FamilyLife and getting to be a part of what we do to minister to couples is an amazing blessing. When hubby and I were blessed with the opportunity last week to go on the Love Like You Mean It Cruise – it was especially fun – and as previously proven I am ALL ABOUT fun!

So, traveling is always a bit hectic and dicey and last week we went through all the big bad hassle of traveling to Florida to go on this amazing five day Love Like You Mean It Cruise. The cruise was created by FamilyLife for married couples to learn how to “do” marriage, while having great Christian entertainment, while trapped on a boat together. (Did I just type that?) I mean for couples to connect while enjoying each other’s company on a magnificent cruise ship all the while learning about doing married life well!  Yeah…that’s it – actually that is what happened!

The ENTIRE ship was filled with couples who were there to strengthen their marriage – and that my friends, was WAY COOL!

Anyway… our treat upon our arrival in Florida is that we were on a bus riding over to the dock with the entire Point of Grace crew!  Way fun!  The Point of Grace ladies were beautiful inside and out, obviously great friends because I was seeing some serious “girl friend” quips, fun and silliness going on.  Made me want to jump right in the middle of them and be their friend too.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, they sing like I think I can, so I’m guessing I could just fit right in and be a Point of Grace.  {Thinking such thoughts is allowed, no matter how far fetched and delusional.}

We were just talkin a mile a minute with the babe like moms and quickly learned that all but one of them had hubby aboard, so some Lovin Like Ya Mean It was going to be happening for them as well.  Their drummer was a newlywed and his adorable new little wife was there and they looked like they were especially looking forward to the cruise experience.

Later in the week we hung out on a beach together and I held myself back from trying to become one of them….or their best friend….hubby and I just sat near them and smiled at the fun they were having with each other.  I’m telling you – they are the real deal my friends!  They love the Lord and love relationship with each other and making each other laugh!  It was a joy to behold.

I have long been a Point of Grace fan…as no doubt you are too, so let me just tell ya, if you had been with me you would’ve liked what you witnessed…and you would have wanted to become their new best friend too!

I’m guessing they don’t limit friendships – they seem to have enough love to go around.  God does that to people when He gets a hold of them…ya know!

Tomorrow maybe I’ll tell you about my adventures with Big Daddy Weave, or Shaunti Feldhahn, or Selah, or Michael O’Brien, or 3-2-1 Improv, or Kirk and Chelsea Cameron – so much fun!

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