Snow Day Mom Melt Down

All this snow day talk amongst mom bloggers, facebookers (I just invented a new word – I’m sure Wikipedia will be calling soon!) and the news outlets sucked up out of my cluttered brain the memory of a blizzard I lived through when my teens were little bitties!

It was February and outside the landscape was covered in a blanket of white snow.  Inside our cozy two story home I sat on a warm carpeted stairway, my newborn infant son in my arms and my beautiful big brown-eyed daughter was resting her head on my shoulder.  Lovely.

Well, look again…the anticipated love, joy, serenity and daily fulfillment of motherhood seen in “real life” detail reveals the truth of momlife.  In actuality, my baby was screaming his head off, my daughter was crying so much her big brown eyes were bloodshot and I was crying uncontrollably as I looked out the window at a blizzard roaring through – sound a little like your last few days snowed in mom?

I eventually pulled myself together, suited everyone up with winter coats and trudged through the snow to my pediatrician’s office.  There I learned that my daughter had an ear infection, my son had colic and I had a bad attitude.

If your kids are sick and you are stretched to your limit…I am sorry. I understand. I have been there. It ain’t easy – that’s for daggum sure!

My suggestion – pray for God to help you get through it. Then… play some music – do some interpretive dance, or have a scarf dance party (everyone has a scarf and makes the scarf dance to the music) or a family dance off! For me music always helped. Beyond that, visit MomLife Today where last month we provided a whole big long list of “what to do on a snow day” ideas!

Hang in there mom…winter is but a season…and sadly so are little kids underfoot. Enjoy it while you can – even when you think you are going to GO NUTS!!!

You will miss it.

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