Snow Day Ramblings

So – I had these big plans to write an epic post today about my deep and wonderful thoughts provoked by an article I read yesterday.

I woke up this morning to a “no school” announcement and wondered….”No school – what the heck?” It looked like a normal day outside.  Then around 8:30 the snow began to fall – big fat white puffy snow! The pretty kind!

So the amazing post you could be reading remains joggling around in my brain and I am headed out the door to play in the snow…and break ice in the horses trough…..AGAIN!!!

Lucky you {she utters w/out pride – just a sideways grin} I spouted off some “Fun Mom” ideas to Katie over at MomLife Today yesterday and she wrote a too cute post with 16 Ideas of What To Do on a Snow Day! And yo – it doesn’t have to be a snow day for you to enjoy those fabulific ideas!



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