So all day today I had meetings…important stuff regarding MomLife Today, upcoming video interviews, various events, future plans – including an amazingly fantastical mom conference we are planning.

But here’s the thing, all I could really think about was the grocery list in my purse and how I needed to get to the store to buy snow day supplies before Snowmageddon hits tomorrow!

It was entertaining how throughout the day the forecast was growing by monumental proportions.  People were all a flitter with what they had “heard” regarding the snow storm of epic proportions that was brewing in the midwest and barreling straight towards us.

I heard we were going to have everything from 2 inches to 15 inches dumped on us. There was also talk that businesses were going to be shut down the remainder of the week.

Well, since I wasn’t quite sure who was right and who was exaggerating and I feared empty shelves at the grocery store (because that little r-r-r-rumor was going around too) I had no choice but to join the fretful masses and commence to stocking up on mass quantities of food.

I now have pancake mix on the ready, lunch meats, chips, fruits, veggies – including broccoli slaw ingredients {so yumular} chili ingredients ready to be thrown on the stove {yes, I will place it in a pot first} and copious amounts of snack food.

It also seems I have picked up a few extra teenagers…I’m guessing that has something to do with our hot tub…and my grocery run, but I am ok with that!

So, I now await snowmageddon…bring it on!

(For the record – guess what I had planned for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday this week? Writing, so I could get the finishing touches on my book to give to my Editor. Doesn’t that just figure?)

UPDATE: So, Snowmageddon is happening…it’s 2 pm and we have a good five inches of snow on the ground and it is still coming down – see the pics I just placed in this post! The teens gathered here have gone sledding, come home for some “tight” chili and chocolate cake, had a Kinect Dance Party, the guys all got in the hot tub and the girls are photographing our horses out in the snow! So…for me, snowmageddon has been a good thing! Making memories {and smiling} is my favorite!


  1. says

    I hope you fare thee well!

    Oh, and now that I know you have a hot tub and crazy amounts of food I may just sniff my way to your house and hang out with the teenagers too. I’m sure they wouldn’t notice me. I’m practically 19. In my head.

    Would love to learn more about your book!

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