Teen Preach…Good Stuff

My daughter’s Facebook Status…

I AM SO SICK OF HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA! Everyone just STOP! PEOPLE..think about someone other than yourself. Love God and love others, those are the ONLY things that matter in this world..

This was not (btw) provoked by any one person, but it does apply to (at least) my entire school. Myself included! It is beyond time for us to step up and stop being such hypocrites. Who we are on Sunday should be who we are on Monday..if that isn’t true then we are nothing. Absolutely nothing.

You wanna live your “weekend” life..you wanna act like the entire world revolves around you and no one else matters..you wanna talk bad about someone behind their back and be sweet to their face.. GROW UP. it is so cliche and I’m so sick of it in our school and in my own life.. It’s time we got over ourselves, and put God first in our life, not just when it benefits us.. ~

Yeah…that’s my girl.

Someone pass the offering plate…that’ll preach!

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