Teen w/a Tude? Here’s help…

If you read my post yesterday you may have thought, “Well, she must have the world’s best daughter!”

Actually, no, but she does have the advantage of the Holy Spirit to guide her…however, sometimes the Holy Spirit cannot guide teens because parents are wimps! (Me included!)

Join me over at MomLife Today where I share the latest “round” I had with my teen daughter and how God used it to teach her (and me) a little something of His ways!

Here’s a little peak at what you’ll find over on MomLife Today:

Now that my daughter is a teenager …when the punishment for disobedience is handed down I have a teen on my hands that is angry and fuming, almost immediately.  The grounding hurts her a lot, and though I know she still loves me (somewhere within that seething fury) the punishment I give is received and her displeasure with me is vehement and obvious.

Thankfully, as the hours pass and the Holy Spirit has the opportunity to whisper and guide, my daughter’s attitude goes from fury to frustration…tempered with understanding and a quiet resolve that daggum it my parents love me enough to punish me.  That Holy Spirit formed knowledge is maddening and magnificent all at once.

Link on over to MomLife Today and you will learn…the rest of the story!

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