Where Is The Love? – Music Monday

OK – so you gotta admit last night’s Super Bowl half time show was quite entertaining! I literally jumped up off the couch and started dancing. Oh yeah, you are sorry you missed that huh? {maybe not}

Several years ago when the Black Eyes Peas released their song, Where Is The Love? my kids and I wore the heck out of it! We still have the entire song memorized and have always enjoyed playing it very loudly and singing along!

I realize the Black Eyed Peas may be far from role models, but this song shares a good message – which is something teens need to hear more in pop music. That makes me a fan of the song – I hope you enjoy listening!

And hey – I posted a version with the words on the screen because unless you have listened to it 1,792 times (like I have) you might not catch all the words being thrown at you!

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