Chin Hair

No way?

Yes way.

Several years ago I was in a Bunko group and every one of the ladies in the group were some 5-10 years older than me. One of them made me promise that when she was old and in a nursing home that I would come to visit. You may think that she wanted assurance that I would comfort her in her old age and make her feel loved.


I was given strict instructions to come with tweezers in hand and save her from mortal embarrassment by yanking out chin hairs. I am talking this lady eye balled me and made me promise! She sort of scared me for a moment. Then she laughed hysterically (we all laughed hysterically) as we pictured the scene.

{Lip quivering here…} Which one of you will make me that very same promise?

Sasquatch has been found!

Granted this may have something to do with the 10X magnification mirror I just bought a Wally World.

Whatever you do…don’t get that dispicable little circle of magnifying madness…you will quickly become driven to fits of panic and anguish!

Ignorance is bliss…suddenly is a VERY real concept.


  1. says

    Hi Tracey! Came over to check out your blog – and this first post just made me laugh out loud! Not two days ago my mom came over and asked me to pluck her chin hair for her – and I wondered when it would be me asking MY daughter to do it!

    So glad we’ve connected in the blogosphere! I’ll defintely be reading regularly!

    • Tracey says

      Well, let’s commit to each other to grow old gracefully and accept the changes…chin hair and all! {heavy sigh} I hope I can do as easily as I can say! Blessings to u!

  2. says

    I have made my daughter promise to do this for me when I can no longer do it for myself. Tragically, I already have this problem so I figure I should get her compliance early.

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