MOMents Quietly Observed – Grandparent Edition

My teens running to greet my parents (visiting from another state) with open arms and lots of energetic happiness.

My teen daughter “pile driving” her MUCH larger younger brother and him grinning from ear to ear because she still wants to tousle with him!

Me declaring I want to play Kinect and my teens and parents joining in – that was a site to behold!

My father down at the corral gently petting our horses Honey and Dot…knowing that he grew up on a farm and it’s been many long years since he’s hung out with farm animals.

My teens hugging their grandparents each night before bed.

Daily walks with my parents…and the remembering old times.

My husband and son wrestling in the kitchen and upon me telling them to cut it out before someone get’s hurt – them simultaneously looking at me and saying, “What?”

My daughter encouraging her brother on his Science Fair project and reminding him it’s the last one he will ever have to do!

Finding the mutilated remains of my sons Science Fair project in the back seat of my car.  Upon questioning him…his matter of fact declaration, ”I certainly don’t want to save it – why not tear it up!” as he happily gathered up the pieces and delivered it straight to the trash can!

My children clearing the table off without being asked…and my mom noticing and telling them how thoughtful they were.

My children arguing over who was going to clean the kitchen, and my mom chuckling and giving a knowing grin.

Playing speed scrabble with my parents.

Realizing my daughter and mother were missing and learning they had snuck off together to have some time alone to catch up and chat!

Seeing my Dad tear up when my daughter modeled her prom dress for him and then watching him get up from his seat and hug and kiss her.

My mom beating the rest of us profusely at cards – and her posting the proof of that fact on our fridge with the word LOSERS by our names.

Laying in bed each night and wondering how many other precious memories we will be blessed to make with my parents this side of heaven…and lifting up prayers of gratefulness.



  1. Melissa Hutsell says

    Made me tear up. Specially the part about your dad and the prom dress moment. I sure miss my dad and sure miss my grandparents. Life is good and meant to be savored. Sop it up sister! 🙂

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