Padded Bikini’s for 8 year olds?

Usually Monday is “Music Monday” around here and I post some music for your listening enjoyment because I love my music…and it makes me happy to share the tunes I enjoy with you!

However, today I felt I must send you over to MomLife Today and ask you to read the post we ran on Friday afternoon. And then I’m hoping you’ll go one step further and place a link to that post on your own site, or facebook page and spread the word. You will be joining an army of others who are doing the same thing!

You see, Friday morning I was made aware of a certain despicable clothier who was selling the “Ashley Triangle Push Up Bikini Top” for girls age 8 to 14.

WHAT? Someone needs to be pulled by the ear and marched into the principals office … better yet, marched into the office a few Daddy’s I know who’d like to re-educate them on appropriate attire for their daughters.


Anyway, back to the MomLife Today post. So, we quick contacted one of our contributors – the wonderful Dannah Gresh of Secret Keeper Girl who has had a ministry to tween/teen girls and their mothers around the area of modesty. We forwarded her the offending information and after she yelled and counted to ten (through the computer…and I so heard her) her fingers got to typing and she whipped up a very educated post that you need to read!

Please go over to MomLife Today and read our article titled Is A Push Up Bikini Top Really Worth Fighting For? (Yes…so yes!) At the bottom of that article is a link to Dannah Gresh’s website where she provides a link where you can send a letter of complaint to the deplorable people making and promoting this inappropriate clothing.

Since placing the post on our site Friday afternoon that post has had nearly 10,000 reads and none other than Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church re-tweeted our post (thanks dude!) …no doubt that Daddy would like to be the hand grasping that pulled on ear!

Truly people…what has the world come to?!

Don’t shop at A & F … EVER!  If you have hand me downs…toss em, burn em, use them to clean up after your dog on your walks in the park. And tell others!

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