Washington Post “Gets It” Right

If you are one of those people who still think divorce is a viable option when you are having “issues” and “trouble” in your marriage…allow me to point you to a very revealing article in today’s Washington Post.

Carolyn Hax, a sort of “Dear Abby” of today allowed a divorced dad to share his real life experience around divorce and the “cost” of his choice…to his son.

Below is a portion of his words, the one’s which deliver a gut shot to those who claim “children are resilient”

Believe me, having a child with separate relationships with his mother and his father wreaks havoc on the child’s emotional IQ. Regardless of the then-current circumstances, my biggest life’s regret is leaving. It was the easy way out and involved sacrifice for the one person in my life who did not deserve or choose it: my son.


Unfortunately, in a world where too many adults think they were put on this planet to be “happy” the quick jump to divorce leads to more than a broken home…it leaves broken children.

Whenever I write encouraging couples to work at their marriage and fight to stay together I get several angry comments from those who claim I don’t “get it” … I would ask those same people to hear loud and clear the voice of this regretful father … because not only does he “get it” he lived it, and plainly states he made a mistake and never should have left.

You think children don’t suffer from divorce? I invite you take a trip into their world by viewing their postcards.

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