Are You An Overprotective Mom Too?

You have heard it said that confession is good for the soul…right? Well, I confessed…about my overprotective mom ways today, right out for the world to read about over at Family Matters.

Here’s a smidge of my guest post over there…

Being a mom brings out the absolute “protect and preserve” gene in all of us, which can be a great thing. But it can also be a not so great thing.

Case in point: my need to over-protect and preserve my young son at all costs. Admittedly, this need was born out of concern because the little guy had received four concussions before he was five years old. Yeah, I know, you are wondering, “How does that even happen?” Well, it happens when your son is “all boy” and busy, busy, busy. Which by the way, pretty much all boys are!

Due to his toddler year mishaps I ended up being one of “those moms” who constantly chided my son to “be careful” and “don’t do that” way more than I should have. Can you relate?

Click on over and read more of what I have to say and then spend some time checking out their blog…they are great folks over at Family Matters and they have lots of good parenting info to share with you!


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