Senior Daughter = Bling With Wheels

Oh my gosh!

I have always said April and May were the crazy busy months for all moms. Well, let’s ramp that up a gazillion notches when your daughter is a Senior in High School.

So much to do…so little time – is no longer a cliche – it is my existence!

I am enjoying all that we are doing, even though the pace seems a bit much! But hey, I think I am managing to stay on top of things, so it’s all good.

Graduation photos, invitations, events, preparations, plans for the future…it’s a never ending sea of “to do’s” for her and me! But it is all very exciting – although I am learning that my daughter at times does not have a clear grasp of reality.

Today said Senior daughter informed me as follows: “It seems the typical graduation gift my friends are getting is a car!”

Her eyebrow arched mother said, “Well, interestingly we are not typical!”

I was substitute teaching today at her school and I was hearing other kids talk about who got what car from their parents. Humpf.

One of her friends father’s pulled into the school parking lot today with a convertible Mustang for his child – somebody needs to slap that man. Didn’t he break some sort of “parent code” with that move?

My daughter then offered, “You have always said I would have to buy my own car, insurance and gas – I think it makes more sense for me to buy the insurance and gas, but you guys to buy the car…but actually I want a truck!”

You gotta give her some props for trying!

Unless the “car fairy” tucks some keys under that girls pillow…it’s not happening.

So tell me your thoughts does Senior Daughter = Bling With Wheels?


  1. Jane says

    Our daughters were required to provide car, insurance, gas, maintenance and repairs. They, too, fussed a little when some of their friends received cars from their parents, but have learned financial responsibility as well as humility. They typically have the junkiest cars in the lot whether at high school or college! Keep up the great work!

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