I trust your life has marched forward and you too have made it through the busy month of May and launched your family into the coming joys of summer!

A few years ago I took a seminary course (yes, be impressed it was taught by a real seminary professor) on Spiritual Disciplines and though I’m guessing the one I need to practice most is the spiritual discipline of silence, I am pleased to report my practice of fasting from blogging has left me refreshed…yet eager to return.

Thankfully I zipped a few posts ahead of time to the other sites I contribute to, but over at MomLife Today and here on my personal site my voice was silent. And I do feel that was a good thing…for me.

Richard J. Foster’s Celebration of Discipline states, “Biblical fasting always centers on spiritual purposes.” For me the spiritual purpose was a time to focus on God’s word and seeking relationship with Him in a deeper way for an extended period of time.

That happened for me…in a big way.

Now, what you must know is that the bigness of the experience was due in part because I was recently on a 14 day tour of Israel. Yes…Israel.

Needless to say there are mountains of letters I could build upon one another to construct post after post about that experience. But there are other letters that can be harnessed together to expound on the reflections and sweetness I have felt as I faced the graduation from High School of my sweet daughter … and how my momlife is about to change dramatically.

I needed God close as I wrestled with those thoughts and emotions.


So sweet friends…stay tuned. Word construction to follow in the coming days and weeks.

And…if you have never fasted from something I encourage you to do so. Fasting doesn’t just apply to food you know. Maybe fasting for  you begins with fasting from blogging, maybe it’s television, maybe it’s chocolate (be sure about that one – been there, done that…it ain’t pretty) maybe it’s … well, pray about it, God will tell you that from which you should fast.

The subsequent refreshment brings peace.


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