Blueberry Bliss

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!!

This fantastical morning I drove my little self but five miles from my cozy home to an amazing “you pick” berry farm. This is the fledgling second year of open to the public berry picking and their first hearty one at that… and it was very fabulous! As you can see – there I was greeted by sweetly ripening blue berries.

I was having a solitudenal MOMent, telling God how gloriously magnificent His tiny blue berries were as they fell effortlessly into my blue stained fingertips when my ears perked up – yeah, I was eavesdropping! The nearby conversation between mother and bucket toting children, “Wow mom, this is great! What a morning we have had! We read a book about blue berries, we watched a movie about blue berries and now we are picking blue berries!”

My prayer then took a skip into a new but familiar subject – thanking God for the joy of motherhood and the gift of a young mom pouring her life into her children and creating living, touching, experiencing lessons of God’s goodness…through a magnificent wee little sphere of blue bliss!

I stopped and stole a little chat with the mom of three and one on the way…as I skipped away (well, I felt like skipping anyway) I couldn’t help myself as I thought, “Cherish the MOMent – before you know it they’ll be teenagers and you will be picking blue berries alone while they are off doing summer jobs.” Frump.

Well, I guess moms have blue seasons too!

Tonight I will be a hero because I am going to pull out Granny’s (that would be my amazing Dad’s mom) fried pie recipe, then I can use bribery to get them to go with me in a couple weeks when black berries are in season … if they want black berry fried pies that is!

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