Children Away Parents Play

Be prepared to become insanely jealous – both of my teens are gone this week and though I thought I was going to be so sad…I am not.

Hubby and I are having lots n lots of fun and enjoying ourselves muchly! We have also been quite productive, doing little projects here and there! Our meals have been simple and pleasant. Our conversations have been thought provoking and playful. Our prayers and gratefulness more often expressed. The days seem to draw out and the sun, I do believe, is slipping into the horizon later than usual. And…well, the rest shall remain untyped.

It’s almost like I have had five days of dates … and I likey!

I am praising the Lord for this little glimpse into what life is going to be like when the ol Empty Nest hits. I admit, I have wondered how I will do when my daughter goes off to college in August. Thankfully my son will still be here and I will be mindful to enjoy the years left with him at home.

But…this week has allowed me to “almost” look forward to the Empty Nest.

{i’m thinking….i’m thinking…}

Yeah, let’s see what my posts sound like in September when I am pouting about how much I miss my girl!
Or…maybe not!


  1. Suzanne says

    Back to reality! Oops, there goes gravity! Thank you for putting in the last paragraph, or I would have added it for you! It all sounds very balanced. I love the Empty Nest, now, but I loved having the kids at home when I had them at home. I also love the idea of having my kids around my feet again! I think it love it all!

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