Two Knuckleheads, Wynonna Judd and an Epic Reunion

Yesterday I was sitting in an airport, had been for hours – thanks to two passengers who turned our plane around just before take off due to their inability to follow flight attendant instructions and turn off their cell phones.  They also dished out an unhealthy dose of obnoxious behavior.

Due to the epic fail actions and ill advised decisions of two knuckleheads about 70 other passengers lost their connecting flights and their next couple of hours were spent in a long line, followed by trains, buses and a night in a hotel bed that was not on their original travel schedule.  For each of us, the past 24 hours (or more) were altered, and not a part of our original plan.

We missed getting home, but I wondered what life important occasions others might have been late for, or missed altogether.

Interestingly as the 24 hours passed…God found a way to use even the altered plan to bless me.

One – I met Wynonna Judd…and I love her! She was very gracious and we chatted for a bit about mom life with teenagers.  She looked beautiful! Now I love, love Wynonna Judd!  :0)    I quick snapped a photo (sorry it’s so bad) before I went over to talk to her, but I didn’t want to ask for a photo w/her that seemed pushy…I just wanted to talk to her…mom to mom! If you click over to her website notice the name of her new single…Love It Out Loud…how weird is that?

Two – I got some extra time with hubby…which is always good! …

Three – I wrote the following as I sat waiting for my bags and observing life being lived around me…

I am sitting in an airport…crying.

While the world around me continues to turn and people scurry about.

The escalators before me carry travelers, many, many travelers.  Scores of faces coming down the escalator are weary and appear to be carrying heavy loads – and not just in their arms.

Just moments ago I watched a woman of 40 something bounce up and down and squeal in excitement, there on the down escalator was a younger version of her bouncing up and down.  They nearly bumped over a business man as they run to embrace…more jumping and squealing.  I imagined what great adventure the daughter might be returning from…or coming to.  Home from a mission trip? Planning a wedding?  No matter, I got to share in their joy, if only for a moment and it brought a smile to my face.

Now what I am looking at has caused me to cry…a single tear sliding down my right cheek.

A large black man in fatigues is holding a boy of two, who looks like a mini version of the handsome man who is clutching him. Father and son reunited…the boy is looking wide eyed at this daddy who he has no doubt been with only through photos… for weeks, months, years?  The beautiful ebony woman standing next to him, wearing bright pink in stark contrast to his fatigues, has her eyes locked on those of her man…tears streaming down her cheeks. She seems to almost buckle as she lays her head on his chest and his arms encircle her and their grinning son.  I can see whispers being shared, are they words of love or prayers of thanksgiving? Probably both.

The world is speeding past them, travelers scurrying, walking, talking – no one seems to notice the reunion of epic proportion I am witnessing. How are all these travelers numb to the sweetness of this moment?

I pray for this little family, I pray for other military families…and I even pray for the two knuckleheads who are sitting in a jail cell and hope that they learn from their mistake…and I thank God for the blessings I would have missed had my plan not been altered.


    • Tracey says

      At first I didn’t want to bug her, then I really felt I was supposed to say something…so some Holy boldness got me to go over and talk to her, I shared what I felt led to…she said I made her day! She was quite fun to talk with – she is welcomed at my home anytime! When she calls to come visit…I’ll invite you too! (Don’t hold your breath, I am not expecting my phone to ring! LOL!!!)

      • Suzanne says

        She’s a person also! Come on! Don’t you love airports? It’s so shocking how people come and go, and it’s so anonymous.

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