Gross Idea Boys Will Love

Your sons will think you are the coolest mom on the planet if you buy them jelly beans…not just any jellybeans mind you!  Special ones. {gag}

Did you know there are jelly beans that are described as skunk spray, ear wax, and booger? Oh yeah, and if you want to have some rip roaring fun…gather a group of brave children and serve em up!

So, these little boxes of jelly beans are called Bean Boozled they come with 20 jelly beans in a box, 10 colors. For each colored jelly bean that tastes yummy, there is an opposing jelly bean of the exact same color that tastes disgusting. I’m not talking a little, “ew, that tastes kinda’ yucky” bad. I’m talking, face contorting, gagging, spit out of your mouth “someone give me a razor blade so I can shave my tongue” bad.

Don’t believe me? Here are the flavors of yummy jelly beans and the opposing foul offerings:

  • Buttered Popcorn vs Rotten Egg
  • Licorice vs Skunk Spray
  • Café Latte vs Ear Wax
  • Coconut vs Baby Wipe
  • Juicy Pear vs Booger
  • Berry Blue vs Toothpaste
  • Plum vs Black Pepper
  • Caramel Corn vs Moldy Cheese
  • Top Banana vs Pencil Shavings
  • Peach vs Vomit

What has the world come to? There is actually a food product bought by our children that has written in plain English, right on the package, booger and vomit. Enjoy…cough, cough!

I might add – you owe me … because you have the option to not buy them, but now when your sweet little child looks at you with a smile and says, “Mom, want a jelly bean?” You now know the answer is, “No thanks, no booger for me!”


  1. says

    Hmmm. My husband and son absolutely love jelly beans but I would love to see their faces if I offered them some of the flavors you mentioned. Ewwww!

    However, I can see fellas a bit younger thinking those are the greatest things ever. Dontcha love boys?

    I enjoy your blog!

  2. says

    And I might add the girls will like these, too — my daughter and a friend (they are both 10) picked up the Jelly Belly folders at the grocery store the other night and just laughed themselves silly over the flavors! My son, however, responded with “That’s just gross!” ha ha

  3. Mary L says

    I got these for my boys before when they were younger. They LOVED daring each other to try different flavors (I use the term loosely!) and grossing out the grown ups. Right up there with Whoopie cusions in boys eyes! lol

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