Head Down Deadline Approach-eth

I am so enjoying my summer – just yesterday I went on a date with my teenage son! The second one in the last month and I must admit this is helping the angst I am feeling as I am staring at my daughter leaving in August for her freshman year of college.

Here’s the “don’t it just figure” part of the equation – my first set of rewrites for my book are due September 1st! I really am enjoying diving in and going deeper and it is proving to be a challenging and rewarding experience. But, talk about things that matter colliding in an epic way!

I am writing this book around regular momlife and that makes things interesting! Which translates to the cold hard fact that over the next few weeks my posts here at Mom Life Out Loud may be few and far between!

I do enjoy visiting other mom blog sites and will continue to do so, but when you visit me, things may seem to be quiet…but it’s all good!

I tell mom’s all the time that …every MOMent counts …I will be living that statement out loud myself!



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    I just found this post. I am excited about your book, Tracey! I will be praying for you as you work to finish this deadline and face your daughter going to college. That is a lot to deal with all at once!


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