Major House Dump

Well – our house looks like it has been ransacked! And it has, by us.

It appears that in the last several months (and years) more and more junk has managed to accumulate in our home. As a result we cannot get to what we really need or what’s important because there is too much junk in the way.

With our oldest about to go off to college she is in the process of de-cluttering and giving away much in her room.  Our son has definitely outgrown much of the clothing in his room and many of the toys in his cubbie holes and holding areas need to go.

My closet has clothing hanging in it that probably literally has dust on it – as I have a tendency to wear my favorites over and over and the others hang waiting to see the light of day.

One of the things we “got” as a family when we were in Rwanda is that we have far too much and that too much keeps us weighted down and ultimately can become a joy stealer and drag us down. Rwandans have so little and are filled with joy at the simple unclutteredness of life!  There little keeps them more dependent on God and the lack of clutter provides clarity.

As I stand here looking around at the disarray and clutter all around me I had an “ah-hah MOMent” of epic proportions.

All this junk and stuff is representative of my inner life.  The accumulation of unnecessaries, holding on to the unneeded , the clutter in my inner closet gathering dust – all this keeping me from freedom.

Yet another tangible reminder of my need to daily read God’s word and get rid of the old lies that store themselves away in my head.  I have a real need to cling to His “like new to my heart” truths of how much He loves me and how my thought life, when uncluttered and cleaned up can truly free me up to more authentically bring glory to Him.

Are you in need of a major house…and thought life dump?

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