Random Thoughts

Walking in the park today I saw a Daddy playing soccer with his two young sons…more Dads should do that.

I have a friend in my life that always seems to go out of her way to be kind to me…she is a blessing.

My neighbors dogs bark at me while I am in my own yard…really, it’s my yard?!

The stray cat that hangs out at our home won’t let me pet him, but whenever I talk to him he scratches his head against the chair and pretends it’s me scratching his ears…someday soon!

I am determined to fill 25 boxes with stuff we do not use or need and give it away…the boxes are waiting on my porch.

Every time I see a parent with a young child I think, “blink, and they’ll be teens about to leave your home”…enjoy every MOMent.

Magnum bars are the most delectable frozen food item invented…ever!

The pepper plant I got for Mother’s Day has 5 peppers growing on it…soon, very soon they will be devoured.

Nectarines are in season and just thinking about the one’s sitting in my fruit bowl make my mouth water…God’s candy.

I find myself daydreaming a lot about my time in Israel…sweet memories.

Praying for others brings me peace…I should do it more.

Music inspires me…I appreciate those who have that gift.

This week someone said to me the very thing I knew I was to do, but somehow hearing it come out of her mouth validated what I knew…now to be obedient…and brave.

We all have random thoughts, but sometimes the noise around us is so loud we don’t hear them…you should write yours down.

Like now…go…write.

Leave me your blog site link and I’ll go read yours…BTU!


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