Back To School Radio

I used to have regular Friday posts where I would introduce you to a friend – but I haven’t been doing that much lately. I need to get back to that.

Today, you can meet and hear a new friend I met a few months back I’m A Lazy Mom. I always seem to find myself wandering over to her blog to see what antics she is up to – yeah, not always so lazy.

Anyway, our on-line friendship has been fun and today (that’s today) I am going to be visiting with her on her I’m A Lazy Mom radio program. We will be talking about some Back To School Tips that I hope will be helpful!

When the kids go back to school that’s usually time for the “rents” (parents) to start a new routine too! How about starting a small group study in your home?  I have a post today over at MomLife Today with some encouragement to start a small group in your home!  There’s also a link to a super 25% off deal for some small group Bible studies that are very easy to facilitate – go check that out!

Have a great weekend friends!

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