Friend Thing

Today I went and met with my friend Jenn – she’s pretty wonderful.

We did the whole meet at the coffee shop and sit and chat thing. We totally lost track of time and ended up there nearly three hours. Yeah…sweet. {umm…some things didn’t get done today…and it really is ok!}

As moms we sometimes spend so much time doing our mom thing that we neglect our friend thing. Spending those three hours with her made me realize I should do that more.

As a matter of fact the friend thing happened yesterday too…I stopped by Deb’s home {sweetest ever} and just “hung out” for over two hours…that was a sweet time too. I sat at the kitchen bar as she prepared the family meal and we just chatted away.

Hey you…think about your friend thing? Is there a sweet friend face fluttering across your mind when you imagine carving out some time for someone?

I am strongly suggesting {really … you need to do this} you call right now and set a date and time, your place, her place or the coffee shop.

The friend thing really must be done!


  1. says

    This I need to work on. I have been pulling out old pics and reorganizing them. My son was looking at them and said “Mom I never knew you had friends?” ” Yes…once upon a time”

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