I Am A Blue Monkey

At this weekend’s Ragged Edge Conference Ted Dekker explained to some 100 conference attendees that those of us born to write are artists who see the world through a different lens. And that God created us that way.  He referred to us as Blue Monkey’s in a Brown Monkey world.

I so resonated with all the wisdom and advice he and the other award winning authors in attendance shared. And I recognized that at times I have compromised and tried to be what people expected me to be instead of who I am.

As I continue to process and pray I am going to strive to shed the world’s expectations and concentrate on how God wants to use me as an artist…and give myself over fully to His desires for the gifting He has given me.

Ted Dekker is proof positive that being a fully alive Blue Monkey is much better than being a stifled Brown one.

Interestingly yesterday’s sermon in church was all about the gift of the Holy Spirit and how being infused with that spirit allows the guidance in life that so many people crave.

So, for the record, I am very happy to be a Holy Spirit guided Blue Monkey…and I’m in good company!


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