I Vacuum At Writing

Because we don’t use the “s” word for that in my home – though I did come dangerously close to using it anyway just now.

Woe is me.

I am fighting through the first edits on my book and I would like to scream and yell – lucky you, you get to read it.

Pity party.

In my pit.

With Big O puddles.

Splash.  Splash.

It truly is maddening – I am screaming at the page.  But it’s screaming back.

I could be doing so many other things right now, instead of torturing myself by writing.

But not writing is worse torture.

{heavy sigh}

Rant over?

Deep breath.

Music calms the savage beast – I’m headed over to You Tube.

Please disregard the past several lines of scribbles – at times I doth reveal too much!


  1. says

    Hey! I always read! Just don’t always have time to comment. And I don’t think you vacuum at writing! (Love that by the way)

    Sounds like you need a break, a hot bath and chocolate, STAT!


  2. says

    Aww! Rant on, sis! 🙂 I’m praying for you, as you get through these edits! I REALLY look forward to your book. You’re such an inspiration!

    I agree… a hot bath and chocolate might help you relax a bit! 🙂

    Hugs to you,

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