Imagine Your Child Disappearing

Mine did

Two days ago

To go to college

I miss her so


As memories flash my lips curl upward with a soft smile

I feel tears welling in my eyes

Memories are a sweet gift

Taking the time each day to make them, a wise choice


Amazing grace that she was given to me causes gratitude to flood over me

Reminding me that her Father in heaven gave her to me for a season

A season of loving, encouraging, training, laughing, experiencing, growing, molding

The day to day ebb and flow of life that causes life to be richer…sweeter


A means to an end

That is far more about His plans for her than mine

Her preparedness for what lies ahead

Known only by Him


Gratitude for changes in me

Gaining in ways never imagined until I became Mom

Realization that without Him I am less than

Oh how He loves us


My arms ache this day

Leaving me longing

Remembering the past

Reminding me to pray for her future


And trusting in the One who knows it

Give me strength

This is draining

A piece of my heart is missing


Tears flow…sweet release

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