Letting Go Of My Girl

I am having a sad day.

Not sad in a pathetic way…just deeply reflective.

How did 18 years happen…just like that?

Such joy, fun and vibrant life lived while sharing my days with my first-born.  I am so very grateful that God blessed me with her. I was told I would never have children, so that she and her younger brother were gifted to me is indeed an embraced blessing.

As I contemplate her future I am filled with a sense of anticipation in what God has for her, she truly is an amazing young lady. She loves God fully and loves others well. She chases after the things of God and readily admits to her own failures and short- comings. She is playful, yet moldable.  Fierce, yet friendly.   Heaven focused, yet fully alive.

She thrives out in His creation and is more comfortable with dirt smudged on her face than carefully applied make up. (Though she is adept at pulling off each!)

She has three very special God given gifts.

* Her ability to create truly enchanting sketches and drawings with a simple pencil or pen glide across a piece of parchment.

* Her love of and inexplicable way with horses that leaves them following her around and bending their will to hers.

* Her ability to accept and love others and weave prayer and encouragement into their lives in such a way that they never realize she has influenced…she is content to fade into the background and allow them to discover who they are in the Lord.

Each of these gifts is a glimpse of heavenly beauty and serenity. Qualities she exhibits from the inside out that are manifested in her gleams and giggles through daily life.

How will God grow and use her after she has left the sanctuary and safety of our home?

How will God grow and use me after a part of my heart is no longer daily with me?

My tears flow freely, but the assurance that God loves her more than I comforts.

But oh…how I will miss my sunshine…and His sonshine!

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