Loneliness Lie


Loneliness whispers…”unloved” and takes an otherwise hope filled day and tramples the joy out of it.

Why must the nagging shrieks “you don’t measure up” wash over my heart?

Pride reveals itself in so many nasty ways.

Look at me.

No one sees me.

I don’t matter anyway.

The ever present “me” thoughts are the counterfeit that robs Gods glory.

The enemy skillfully annihilates my countenance and slithers in to invade my thoughts…mocking the truth that gets pushed to the recesses of my mind.

I grasp for the truth that dances wistfully on the edge of consciousness “no weapon formed against me shall prosper.”

Gratitude swells as the power of God’s word is once again revealed through the daily battle against my sinful nature.

Jesus should be the ebb and flow of my every thought, though I recognize that He and I are so far separated, but for his rushing towards me.

His selfless desire to take the ugliest of me and drape it over himself as it gets smeared with his red liquid love.

Peace…gentle sighs of triumph.

My loneliness is self-taught…for He desires that I never be alone.

I am only when I push Him away and choose separation.

Father…save me from myself by losing me in Him.

Loneliness is a lie.


  1. says

    “Red liquid love” I love that!

    Very inspiring post!

    ps, I read the part about the enemy annihilates my weaknesses, and “annihilate” means “wipes out” so I think maybe you mean “analyzes” instead of annihilates? If I’m understanding what you mean here, I think the enemy would “annihilate” our Strengths, not our weaknesses.

    • Tracey says

      Hey Connie – Thanks for your comment, I am blessed that you were inspired by my revealing some “yuck” in my life! Thanks for pointing out my counter thought …. I did a word change that appropriately indicates what I “meant’ to! Blessings to you! Headed over to check out your site and meet you now!

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