Paint Your Shoes

Women and shoes – oh yeah, it may seem cliche, but dag-gone it, we love us some shoes!

As my daughter was packing up for college {sniff, sniff} she was making some decisions of epic proportion of what she would and would not take with her. And there were far too many “would’s” than “would not’s” being gathered.

I was trying to offer advice without being a nagging mom, but she couldn’t seem to grasp that her dorm room only had so much space – unless she wanted to overtake her roommates space and that wouldn’t go over well!

I pointed out to her that if we were packing it all in one suitcase we were both sitting on the suitcase trying really hard to get it zipped. That was the word picture she needed to get that she needed to narrow down her options.

Wow…I just realized I am rambling because all I really wanted to do was tell you about her one of kind shoes. Humm, I think I just got tripped up on memory lane…I suppose because I miss her. 

It happens, when it does I just soak up the memory a MOMent and then move on. This is a reflection of my current circumstance, so it is what it is. {you too will experience this someday – it’s normal I think}

So…back to the one of a kind shoes. She hesitated for an instant on whether or not to take the shoes, I was counting on her leaving them…so I could wear them. But – she took them.

But hey – wouldn’t YOU want to wear these shoes she created?



    • Tracey says

      If they were black no one would see the paint girly! ;0) Thanks for the props for my daughters shoes! I am thinking of giving away a pair. I’ve never done a give away. This may be just the thing. Get a winner, get her size and commission my daughter to paint one of a kind shoes…what do you think?

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