Plant A Pineapple – Really!

When we lived in South Florida we bought a little home in charming neighborhood from this sweet elderly couple who had lived there nearly two decades and it was adorable.

This couple had quite the green thumb and we inherited some amazing plants that provided us with sustenance many months of the year. We had orange trees, lemon trees, grapefruit trees and key lime trees that were full to overflowing with fruit.

I used to write up our favorite key lime pie recipe on cards and mail boxes of fresh key limes to friends and family back home in Kentucky. Bringing others that kind of fresh fruit happiness was really fun.

In addition to all the citrus we also had two pineapple plants and I was amazed when they began to produce their fruit…if you have never seen the beginnings of a pineapple growing out of a pineapple plant you are missing a tender joy! Imagine your typical pineapple, then imagine it went through a shrink machine…itty bitty tiny winy adorable baby pineapples!

Well – I got so excited today when I bumped into Tickled Red … because now you and I can experience this tender joy right in our own homes!

Yippy zippy!


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