She Is Flying The Nest!

I am having some breakfast before I go meet my soon to be good friend Ted Dekker (yeah right!) and I started crying.

I read today’s post over at MomLife Today…

Sweet memories tumble through my head and slowly spill out of my eyes as salty tears.

It was supposed to be just another one of my daily walks through the nearby lush green park, but it ended up being a walk down memory lane.

I saw her running through the play ground, her dark hair that was skillfully pulled back with a big red bow was bouncing to the cadence of her tiny thumping footsteps.  She lingered in front of the brown metal stairway, placed her soft sweet tiny hand on the bar and looked up at her Daddy. She slowly lifted her other hand to his and grinned.  When I heard her playful giggle waft up to her father’s dutiful ears and glide wistfully across the play ground it tickled a memory… I was frozen in a distant time.

I was propelled backwards, some sixteen years…

To read the rest hop on over to MomLife Today – bring a tissue!

While I go re-apply mascara…or maybe not, Ted probably likes smeary black scary looking eyes! I could become a character in his next book!

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