Awakened From A Sound Sleep


Mom’s have this radar that exists while we sleep that allows us full consciousness, even in our unconsciousness! If you are a mom I know you get what I am saying.

Our family vacation each summer requires a long road trip and I am most blessed to have a husband that prefers to do all the driving. That leaves me with the option of engaging in fun and games with my children, chatting incessantly, quietly reading, writing or sleeping. Usually sleeping on the way to vacation is not much of a need, but afterwards I am particularly weary and catching some shut eye on the nine hour drive home is usually a welcomed treat. Put more bluntly, I take full advantage of the situation and sleep like a baby…a very worn out baby!

At the end of our vacation this summer as I was snoozing on a stack of pillows on the center car console I was abruptly awakened from my sound sleep…


Join me over at Family Matters to read the rest of the story…

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