Courageous Mom Chat

I recently shared that I was blessed to interview Priscilla Shirer during her recent visit to FamilyLife. Well, while she was here I also spent some time with the Kendrick brothers who created the movie Courageous!

More importantly I got to hang out with the Kendrick brothers wives – I am always more interested in the women behind successful men!

Jill and Christina were amazingly wonderful – but we are not surprised by that are we? They would have to be to have husbands who are so amazingly wonderful!

I hope you will bop over to MomLife Today to hear more about my meeting them and to see one of the video interviews I did with Priscilla Shirer.

In case you are wondering, I did ask for an interview with Jill and Christina and they sweetly declined saying they leave the camera work up to their hubby’s!

Make sure you go see the movie Courageous when it opens September 30th – my 18 year old daughter has dubbed it the best movie she has seen – EVER!

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