Fruit Fly Catcher


I am being driven slowly into madness.

By fruit flies.

They are evil.

Tiny red eyes evil.

Taking over my home evil.

Making me crazy evil.

(Yes, there are worse things…but they really are causing me much angst.)

Then a dim memory flashed. My parents gave me something they called a fruit fly catcher that they purchased from a Kentucky State Park. After a flurry of activity I found said fruit fly catcher, found out from The Bug Man (my hero) that I needed to fill the well with vinegar. (I’m told you can do the same with a cup, vinegar, saran wrap and a rubber band. Put a bit of apple cider vinegar in bottom of cup, cover and band with saran wrap, poke small hole in the saran wrap.)

Voila…trapped evil fruit flies.

Mwaaa haaa haaa haaa!


  1. says

    ME. TOO. Where do those pesky things come from anyway?!?! They just appear one day out of thin air I tell you! Thanks for the tip! I’m pinning it to my “Pintrest” board!

    • Tracey says

      On twitter a couple peeps from TOTALLY diff areas of the country said they had fruit flies too! The Bug Man also told me once you got em until they are gone put fruit in fridge they lay eggs in stems. Also, always cut stems off of your bananas as soon as you get them and throw in outside trash. Who knew?

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