Horse Prayers

Hey Friends – I am quite preoccupied right now as I am caring for one of our horses…Dot.

She has an abscess in her hoof and she is in lots of pain and hobbling around and it is awful and I am at my wits end trying to relieve her and help! I have logged many hours caring for ill children and pets, but a 1,000+ pound mammal that lives in a barn out back presents a whole new set of challenges.

Even in her pain she is still a sweet horse, working with me instead of against me in all that I am attempting to do. The vet has been here and gave me my instructions and hopefully in a couple of days we will see some relief – or they may have to take more invasive measures. We don’t want that.

{heavy sigh}

I miss my daughter now that she’s away at college, but I really miss her right now as she is an amazing horsewoman and I know she could handle this much better than I.

I know it’s “just a horse” but if you would lift up a prayer that her hoof would quickly heal I would be so very appreciative!

Blessings to each of you!



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    I hear your pain. Nursing my sweet Truett back from a twisted wrist. Silly boy was chasing llamas! Now, he’s locked in the stall on stall rest and eating through the barn wood because he’s bored! Glad to hear that yours is better. Pray for my boy!

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