Ran-Ram (Random Ramblings)

It’s been awhile since I just “let it fly” with some “R n R” random bits of mom thoughts, that are at times filled with wisdom…or not.

I can always tell when my children are sick because their eyes are not quite right.

My daughter looks absolutely adorable when chatting on FB facetime.

Trying to get people to follow your blog is kinda silly, they either will or they won’t – just share your heart, the rest is up to God!

When editing something written from the heart you can go bonkers hoping you get it on paper in a way that it will touch other hearts.

My morning run, walk or hike truly does make me a better person.

Watching moms with their younger children makes my mouth turn up on both ends…and my eyes crinkle.

You don’t spell crinkle with a “k” evidently.

The bad cat that’s been hanging out at our house is now my enemy, he has scared our cat away.  :0(

There are hints of fall teetering all around…that makes me warm on the inside.

When sweet little boys become big strong young men my heart swells and feels safer knowing I have two men who will care for me in my old age.

A freshly cleaned bathroom lifts my spirits.

It is strange that I actually long for on-line friendships, for my gift of encouragement sees so much potential to do what comes naturally.

Joy is a gift from God, one that I am very grateful for – right now more than ever.

Reading about “the world” sometimes results in an attempt to steal my joy – I am not gonna let that happen.

I choose God!





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