Random Stuff & Happy Anniversary To Me


I feel loved by God fully, completely and am grateful for His unmerited goodness!

Thank you for your prayers for my horse Dot! She is doing amazingly well! Her hoof abscess finally busted and we continue to soak and clean her hoof and give her lots of TLC!

My husband and I made a trip to Pine Cove Christian camp over the weekend and I am even MORE excited about the MomLife Boot Camp event we are having there March 23-25, 2012!

My son is amazing because he cared for Dot while we were away and it was a bit of a nasty job…but he did it gladly.

My daughter is thriving in college and has made amazing Godly friends, their favorite fun activities are praise and worship sessions around campus and at a nearby creek bed…and Saturday night swing dancing at a local church! (And yes, her studies are going well – she is on track!)

I am putting together a new book proposal on a subject that is truly God inspired…I am practically bursting with enthusiasm over what God is directing me to share!

My amazing husband has spent hours discussing my calling with me, helping me to embrace and understand what God is asking me to do and challenging me to have the courage to go for it.

I love my husband and I love being his wife!

Today is our 25th wedding anniversary…I am feeling very sparkly and silver today! Hubby spoiled me last Friday with a surprise day of lunch with a friend and a surprise drop off at a spa…amazingness!

I got the BEST anniversary gift EVER…he gathered up all 25 years of photos, shipped them off and had them converted to DVD’s…I have 1,000’s of pics of our lives at my fingertips in three different locations to keep them safe forever! I know…he’s amazing!

Today I made him lots of his favorites – it is true that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!



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    This is beautiful…makes my heart smile 🙂 what a blessing for your husband and you, and to your kids. What a legacy you are building. Love that you got to go to the spa. That’s definitely a way to the woman’s heart 🙂

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